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Maximum Retention™ Bands

All Maximum Retention bands have an etched interior that virtually eliminates loose bands and permanent laser marked sizing for easy sorting and identification.


Tanzo™ Wire

Our new Copper Nickel Titanium wire is the latest innovation in our extensive arch wire offering, delivering consistent unloading forces that allow controlled tooth movement for predictable results. Tanzo is resilient with excellent resistance to permanent deformation and is available in mid and low force levels. Arch form options include VLP* Arch Forms, Natural Arch Form I, Natural Arch Form III, and Form A.


Powerscope 2


PowerScope 2 delivers Class II correction with a combination of patient comfort and ease of use that is unmatched among other appliances. This ready-to-use chairside solution requires no lab setup, making for a quicker and easier installation process and appointment. PowerScope 2’s high quality, fixed one-piece design requires no patient compliance.


NT3® SE NiTi Wire

• Fully active at room temperature • Exhibits excellent springback • Gentle to patients, but powerful enough to align even the most challenging cases • Moderate forces are an excellent choice for all treatment phases except finishing


Mini Master Series® TUBE

Today's advanced adhesives coupled with high performance, light force wires have allowed clinicians to greatly expand the use of direct bond tubes on the molars. Direct bond molar tubes reduce inventory requirements, are often more comfortable and hygienic for the patient, and bond and debond quickly and easily. American Orthodontics offers the most complete line of direct bond molar tubes in the industry — including ifit® and LP® Tubes — most complete line of direct bond molar tubes in the industry.



“Empower 2 Clear is a smartly redesigned enhancement of its aesthetic bracket.”

Engineered from the ground up for performance and beauty, the polycrystalline material is formulated to deliver uncompromising strength. Empower 2 Clear brackets are designed using state of the art CAD modeling and computerized simulation resulting in improved mechanical strength. Through extensive internal lab testing, American Orthodontics has also refined the debonding predictability of its patented Quad Matte technology – all without compromising the aesthetic clarity of the bracket.

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